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Now in its fourth year as a member of the Oslo Cancer Cluster, Ockham Oncology unveils its stronger global oncology expertise, as a fully integrated, pure oncology-focused international partner.

Operating at full strength following a 2012 merger with U.S.-based Ockham Oncology, the combined company is continuing to strengthen its partnerships within the Oslo Cancer  Cluster by focusing on Ockham’s long-term, successful clinical record of managing hundreds of oncology clinical trials in all phases of cancer-drug development worldwide

Ockham Oncology’s Chief Scientific Officer Clare Wareing, Ph. D., who founded Nexus Oncology, said the new stronger company is the only pure oncology CRO operating around the globe. “We have been a successful partner with many members of the Oslo Cancer Cluster over the years,” Dr. Wareing said. “We look forward to future relationships as a result of our increased global capability and the addition of a specialist oncology biometrics team under the Ockham Oncology identity.”

Dr. Wareing said the company’s track record of working on complex, early phase studies will be attractive to OCC members. “We remain purely oncology focused,” Dr. Wareing said. “It’s my passion and I have dedicated my career to oncology,” she added. “As we have grown, Ockham has attracted specialized personnel who are highly respected in their own field. As Ockham Oncology, we have enhanced our global capability and retained the specialist oncology expertise to manage more innovative and complex studies,” Dr. Wareing noted.

Dr. Wareing said the R&D meetings bring together a blend of outstanding speakers and great science. “We look forward to engaging our partners as we expand our operations in Norway,” she added. The Ockham and Nexus combination, completed in January 2012, created the largest privately held oncology CRO in the world. The merger brought together talented oncology researchers as well as well-known success in biometric analysis and data management.

Dr. Wareing addressed the new company and its expertise during an interview with PharmaTV.  Click here to view the interview. During the Pharma Television interview, Dr. Wareing highlights global strengths of the fully integrated company. The video, “Ockham Oncology’s CSO highlights global strength of fully integrated company,” is about 10 minutes in length.

Since 1986, Ockham Oncology has conducted hundreds of oncology trials across all phases of development, including pre-clinical preparation, to bring innovative oncology therapies to the market. Through the 2009 acquisition, the Ockham CRO strengthened its oncology expertise. Following a second acquisition in 2012, Ockham enhanced its reputation as an oncology CRO as well as its global footprint.

About Ockham:
Launched in 1986, Ockham is a global oncology CRO and full-spectrum global resourcing company. Clinical expertise, therapeutic focus, and successful oncology trial outcomes have created an industry leadership position for Ockham Oncology. Ockham Source continues to achieve sustained success by offering traditional sourcing solutions as well as a growing FSP (Functional Service Provider). Ockham’s world headquarters is based in Cary, North Carolina, with the European headquarters located in Roslin, Scotland, near Edinburgh. Ockham offices are located strategically around the world to serve global customers.


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