A dedicated oncology cluster

Oslo Cancer Cluster is an oncology research and industry cluster dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients by accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and treatment.

We are a national non-profit member organization with 90+ members. Our member base comprises university hospitals, research centers, patient organizations, start-ups and biotech companies, global pharma and technology companies, investors, financial institutions as well as service providers – all working in the cancer field. Jointly, they cover the entire oncology value chain – from exploratory research to delivering novel therapeutics and diagnostics to patients worldwide.

Norwegian Centre of Expertise

In 2007, we became a Norwegian Centre of Expertise. Since then, we have developed into a strong biotech cluster well positioned in the global oncology industry. The world class research environment in cancer immunotherapy, a growing pipeline of preclinical and clinical stage assets and the presence of several pharma, technology and IT companies, strengthen the cluster’s position as an international knowledge and innovation hub in the cancer field.

Our Incubator environment

Around 30 of the members are gathered in the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, situated in the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park. We share the innovation park with Ullern Upper Secondary School, the Cancer Registry of Norway and Oslo University Hospital.

Next door is the Oslo University Hospital (Radiumhospitalet) and its Institute for Cancer Research – a leading comprehensive cancer center in Northern Europe accredited by the OECI. Oslo Cancer Cluster closely collaborates with the hospital, the Institute for Cancer Research and the Norwegian Cancer Registry, and has a long-term school-industry collaboration with Ullern Upper Secondary School.


Building on the strong academic research and the growing number biotech companies in the cluster developing novel cancer immunotherapies we established the Norwegian Immuno-Oncology Consortium. The goal of the consortium is to strengthen the knowledge-base and expertise, and to facilitate national and international collaboration within immuno-oncology.

Precision medicine

Healthcare is becoming digitized. New technologies, including tumour sequencing, and real-time monitoring, are generating vast amounts of data which need to be curated, combined, analysed and interpreted. Global tech and IT companies have entered the healthcare sector and actively advance precision medicine resulting in novel partnerships and new kinds of products and solutions.

One example is the Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics situated in the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park and their deep learning project for faster and safer cancer prognostics DoMore.

We use global connections and national advantages to help get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. Software companies, like SAS Institute, are part of our cluster and emerging companies such as Oncoimmunity develop novel machine learning-based tools to improve patient treatment. In EU projects like PERMIDES, and Digi-B-Cube we actively connect SMEs across sectors to advance the digitization of biopharma and diagnostics companies. We support collaborations with research facilities such as the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US and the Cancer Registry of Norway and co-initiated the National Cancer Genomic Consortium in 2012.