R&D Christmas Network: “New insights in immuno-oncology” This meeting is kindly sponsored by the Radium Hospital Foundation (Radiumhospitalets legater). Download program   Moderator: Gunnar Kvalheim, Head of the Department of Cellular Therapy, OUS PROGRAM 14:00–14:15 Registration and coffee 14:15 – 14:20: Funding opportunities -Ole Johan Borge, Innovation Norway 14:20–14:40 Welcome and Update – short introduction […]

The Oslo Cancer Cluster team and collaborators are happy to invite you to R&D Network on cancer and nutrition The registration is now closed, but THERE ARE STILL AVAILABLE SEATS – please register by email to: Marthe Brovold Løberg.   PROGRAM/DOWNLOAD PROGRAM Moderator of the day: Sigbjørn Smeland,  Head of Division at Oslo University Hospital […]

General Assembly The annual general assembly shall consider the following matters: 1. Election of Chairman of the General Assembly 2. Election of secretary and two members to sign the protocol 3. Approval of the notice and agenda 4. Listing of the members present at the meeting 5. A copy of the Board’s report for the […]

Welcome to Autumn’s first R&D networking meeting SIGN UP: mbl@oslocancercluster.no Program: 14:00–14:15 Registration and coffee 14:15–14:30 Welcome and introduction – Bjørn Klem, CEO, Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator 14:30–16:00 Session I – Myeloma Research and treatment 14:30 – 14:50 Myeloma research and treatment – Fredrik H. Schjesvold, OUS 14:50-15:20 Key note: The K. G. Jebsen Center […]

Welcome to a kick start! 17:00–19:00 KICK OFF & NETWORKING IN THE OSLO CANCER CLUSTER INCUBATOR Get to know your neighbor as students from Ullern High School will engage the guests in teambuilding activities! Light refreshments will be served. SIGN UP: mbl@oslocancercluster.no   See also our program for R&D Network before the kick off HERE

PROGRAM Please noet that the event will take place in the Auditorium 4 in the 3rd floor in BB-bygget (Bygning for Biologiske Basalfag), Jonas Lies vei 91, in between Haukeland university hospital and mount Ulriken. The BB-building is in stone, glass and steel. Please register within October 13th  through this link: HERE Moderator of the […]

Welcome to R&D Network on personalized cancer medicine We invite our members to this year’s last R&D Network – topic is the different views on personalized cancer medicine PROGRAM 14:00-14:30 Registration and coffee 14:30-14:45 Welcome and update – Ketil Widerberg, general manager Oslo Cancer Cluster 14:45- 15:15  Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium – an update – […]

PROGRAM R&D Network Meeting & Workshop: Use of cancer biomarkers in patient treatment –how to standardize molecular testing? DOWNLOAD PROGRAM_ Register below Organizers: Oslo Cancer Cluster and Akershus University Hospital Sponsors: Merck and Amgen Moderator of the day: Tone Ikdahl, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Akershus University Hospital 17:30 – 19:00      Mingling with light refreshments 14:00–14:15 Registration […]

Oslo Cancer Cluster, LMI, Kreftforeningen, Astra Zeneca, Janssen og MSD arrangerer 1. juni et åpent frokostmøte i Kaare Norums auditorium i Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovasjonspark. Dette møtet vil foregå på norsk og vil fokusere på oppfølging av høringsutkastet fra helsedirektoratet om Nasjonal strategi for persontilpasset medisin i helsetjenesten. «Framtidens kreftbehandling:  Persontilpasset medisin – fra ord til handling» […]

Summer Meeting June 14th, 2016 Program moderated by Ketil Widerberg, General Manager Oslo Cancer Cluster Update and outlook Oslo Cancer Cluster Ketil Widerberg, General Manager Keynote: Commercializing cell therapy –what is Thermo Fisher’s role? Øystein Aamellem, Leader Cell Therapy, Thermo Fisher Scientific Keynote: Novo Seeds: You plant the innovation seed. We help it grow! Christina […]

Please hold the date and register below. Download program: program_stavanger_nettverksmote PROGRAM: R&D Network Meeting – Precision cancer treatment Time: 29. September 14.00-16.00 Venue: Møterom Gløden, St. Svithun Pasienthotell Moderator: Svein Skeie, Research Director, Stavanger University Hospital 13:30 –14:00 Registration and light refreshments 14:00–14:10 Welcome and introduction – Ketil Widerberg, Oslo Cancer Cluster 14:10–14:40 Cancer research […]

The theme for this R&D Network Meeting including a networking lunch in Bergen is *Personalised cancer therapy: repurposing and in vitro drug screen*. Please find  the program here and register for the meeting below. Please register for lunch specifically.   PROGRAM Moderator: Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Co-Director and Professor, Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO)   10:30–11:00 Registration and […]

Oslo Cancer Cluster invites all members, collaborators and supporters to our 10 years anniversary and Christmas Get-together.   Please download program here.. After the program ends at 16:00 all participants are cordially invited to a Christmas Get-together in the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator on the 4th floor in the pink building.  Agenda Moderator of the day: […]

Welcome to our R&D networking meeting on haematological cancer. The subject for this meeting is haematologic cancer, including Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia (CLL) and Myelomatosis. We promise interesting international guest speakers as well as prominent Norwegian scientists and clinicians within the field of haematological cancer. Moderator: Bjørn Tore Gjertsen fra Haukeland Universitetssykehus. International guest speakers: Professor Carsten Niemann from Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen and Dr. Hareth Nahi from […]

Welcome to our annual summer get-together! Join us for an afternoon of fun, games and a presentation of our new cluster members. Please find the registration below.   Agenda: 14:45 – 15:00   Registration and coffee 15:00 – 15:10   Update from Oslo Cancer Cluster // Ketil Widerberg, General Manager 15:10 – 16:10   “New Kids on […]

Where are we, and where are we heading?  Map and compass will be provided! Join international experts in the field of prostate cancer as they navigate the biomarker jungle. Oslo Cancer Cluster members, specialists, healthcare professionals and all interested parties are invited to gather at this forum to network and discuss research, developments, and opportunities […]

Coming Soon in 2018 Cancer research is developing at a rapid pace. What do we know? Are we prepared? Oslo Cancer Cluster is planning a series of insightful and scientifically-relevant R&D Networks program for 2018. We are contacting Norwegian and international experts in order to create the best possible forum and dynamics for meaningful discussions. […]

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) in general, alongside Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, are increasingly recognized as transformational technologies for the Health sector. In the first session you will get an introduction about DLTs such as Blockchain and Tangle. IOTA Foundation develops the Tangle, which overcomes the limitations of conventional Blockchain, and opens […]

Triple-negative breast cancer (sometimes abbreviated TNBC) refers to any breast cancer that does not express the genes for estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) and Her2/neu. This makes it more difficult to treat since most hormone therapies target one of the three receptors, so triple-negative cancers often require combination therapies. The symposium will focus on […]

Oslo Cancer Cluster invites you to the symposium “Prostate Cancer’s Precision Promise”. Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer to effect men. The clumps of cancerous cells on the walnut-shaped prostate are slow to grow and are prone to spread to form a more aggressive deadly version. In this symposium, you will hear about the […]

Oslo Cancer Cluster invites you to the 4th Edition of ‘Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Innovations for eHealth’. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) in general, alongside Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, are increasingly recognized as transformational technologies for the Health sector. This event provides an introduction about DLTs and new landscape of opportunities for […]

Oslo Cancer Cluster invites you to the symposium “BioNanoMedicine in Combating Cancer”. Advances in nanotechnology and nanomedicine have significantly influenced diagnostic and therapeutic options in oncology and the whole health industry is undergoing substantial changes. This symposium will focus on the recent developments, difficulties and breakthroughs as well as emerging and future trends of the […]