Annual General Meeting in Oslo Cancer Cluster

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General Assembly

The annual general assembly shall consider the following matters:
1. Election of Chairman of the General Assembly
2. Election of secretary and two members to sign the protocol
3. Approval of the notice and agenda
4. Listing of the members present at the meeting
5. A copy of the Board’s report for the preceding fiscal year
6. Approval of audited accounts for the last year
7. A copy of the auditor’s report
8. Approval of liability for the Board members
9. Decision appropriations
10. Treatment of the budget for the current year and the determination of annual member fees for the coming year
11. Issues the Board or the members want treated
12. Election of
a. Chairman of the Board
b. Members of the Board
c. Auditor
d. Election Committee

Requirements for attendance:
Correct convened General Assembly can make decisions with requirements for the number of attending members, with the exception of General Meetings, which is to consider changes to the Articles of Association. In such cases, attendance of at least half of the members are required. Changes in the Articles of Association require a two-thirds majority of the attending representatives of the General Assembly.

A simple majority of the attending members decides other cases. Each member has one vote; however, members who have not paid the annual member fee at the time of the General Meeting will not have the right to vote. Upon vote, the Chairman has the casting vote. Attendance by proxy approved.
On behalf of the Board we will encourage all members to sign up to the General Assembly or send their by proxy signed form to: by May 18th.

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