CIMT Annual Meeting

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CIMT Annual Meeting – May 10-12, 2016

“Mechanisms of Efficacy”

The 14th Annual Meeting of the Association for Cancer Immunotherapy connects the global cancer immunotherapy community in the heart of Europe. As the largest meeting focused on cancer immunotherapy research and development in Europe, CIMT 2016 is expected to bring together 1,000 international participants for high-level scientific exchange, collaboration, and education focused on cancer immunotherapy. In addition, CIMT unites leading international experts through working groups on immune monitoring, drug development policies, and the translation of scientific knowledge into drug development.

For 2016, the CIMT program committee is preparing plenary sessions from pre-clinical research to clinical development on the topics of therapeutic vaccination, cellular therapy, improving immunity, tumor microenvironment, antibodies, regulatory research and immunoguiding. The plenary sessions will be complemented by a poster exhibit and selected poster short talk sessions, as well as a business workshop on the translation and commercialization of cancer immunotherapies and diagnostics.


Call for Abstracts: deadline Feb 26:

This page also provides information on submitting abstracts for the CIMT Endeavour workshop, we should highlight this opportunity:

In addition, and as part of the online submission process, abstract authors can submit their abstract to the CIMT 2016 Endeavour workshop. At CIMT Endeavour, selected abstract authors are given the opportunity to share their research findings and discuss the business potential of their work with experts in the fields of intellectual property and commercialization. These experts will assess whether there is business potential for translating the research into products. Click here for more information.


Travel Awards for Young Scientists

As every year, CIMT offers travel awards for young scientists from underrepresented countries. See below for more information.

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