New patient focused cancer therapies

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The focus of the symposium will be on Immuno-Oncology with the following international speakers.
Inger Andersson, Chairman of IVA’s Biotechnology – Introduction

Professor Kjell Strandberg, former DG MPA – What is immune oncology?

Magnus Jäderberg, CMO Targovax, London – The new cancer drugs in a clinical perspective

Professor Peter Nygren, Department of Oncology, University Hospital, Uppsala – Faster approvals of new drugs against cancer?

Tomas Salmonson, Chairman of the EU drugs Board (CHMP)

Bertil Jonsson, Chairman CHMP Oncology Working Party, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) London – Price, value and payment

Professor Bengt Jönsson, Stockholm School of equal access for patients to new medicines?

Mats Eriksson, Chairman of the Regional Board Region Halland – Panel Discussion Moderator

Bjorn Odlander, Managing Partner Health


Please be aware that it is required to register before 12th May at the following website.


Fore more information see here.


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