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Summer Gathering & Introduction of New Members (With a special feature for Cancer Crosslinks 2022)

An Invitation to Join the Summer Gathering 2022

This June, Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC) will present a summer gathering featuring a keynote speaker from the Ministry of Education & Research, an inspirational speaker for Cancer Crosslinks 2022, and an overview of activities.   A highlight of the event is the Introduction of New Members.  Join fellow stakeholders from the oncology and wider ecosystem represented by OCC Innovation Park, OCC members, and attendees from Cancer Crosslinks 2022 (presented January 2022).


14:00:  Arrivals

14:05:   Welcome – Charlotte Homme, Head of Membership & Events, Oslo Cancer Cluster

15:15:  Afternoon Tea & Coffee, Networking Session

* The agenda will be updated on this event page throughout the Spring 2022.

Note: All attendees from Cancer Crosslinks 2022 “Getting Ahead of Tumor Evolution – Changing the Premises in the War Against Cancer” (presented January 2022) will be invited to join the Summer Gathering as there will be a dedicated “Cancer Crosslinks 2022 networking session”.  The Cancer Crosslinks 2022 networking event from January 2022 was rescheduled due to June 16, 2022 due to the pandemic.  Sponsors for Cancer Crosslinks 2022 are OCC members:  BMS & GSK

All registrants will receive a confirmation early June 2022 regarding ON-SITE (or shift to DIGITAL) based on COVID-19 guidelines in effect June 2022.

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