Workshop: Characterisation in medicine – Can we extend the current analytical limits?

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During the last 8 years, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry has either own financed or participated in large scale investments (>250 MNOK) in advanced characterisation infrastructure, in partnership with NTNU and UiO and with significant funding from The Research Council of Norway. These investments include amongst others the establishment of:
(1) Two national laboratories with state of the art instrumentation, namely The Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy-NORTEM and the National Surface and Interface Characterisation Laboratory -NICE, both projects managed by SINTEF MC.
(2) A mass spectrometry laboratory
(3) A NMR laboratory.

SINTEF aims to utilise the above infrastructures especially these included in point (1) towards new research markets and new application areas within biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical research.

The new infrastructure can be utilised either directly, in the cases of pre-established competence, or after building specific competence where challenging characterisation is required (e.g. hybrid material systems, 3-D characterisation, interfacial analysis in inorganic-biological systems etc).

The main objectives of the workshop are to identify emerging market needs and specify competence gaps in order to define case studies for new competence development.

Please confirm your participation by sending an e-mail to, no later than the 5th of April.

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