Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator together with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret) and Inven2 kindly invite researchers, clinicians and start-ups to learn more about securing IPR in oncology projects.

I samarbeid med Oslo Cancer Cluster arrangerer Ullern videregående skole  “KUR”: Kompetanseutviklingskurs for realfagslærere i Oslo-skolen. Tema denne ettermiddagen er “Sol, helse og D-vitamin”. Deltagere er blant annet Johan Moan, professor emeritus ved Institutt for Kreftforskning, Oslo universitetssykehus og Ingrid Stenstavold Ross – seksjonssjef for forebyggende arbeid i Kreftforeningen. Merk at dette er et lukket […]

General Assembly The annual general assembly shall consider the following matters: 1. Election of Chairman of the General Assembly 2. Election of secretary and two members to sign the protocol 3. Approval of the notice and agenda 4. Listing of the members present at the meeting 5. A copy of the Board’s report for the […]

The aim of this lecture, aimed at non-statisticians, is to discuss a range of alternative measures for reporting statistics on cancer patient survival in publications such as “Cancer in Norway 2014”.   Professor Paul Dickman is a biostatistician whose primary research interests are in developing and applying statistical methods for population-based cancer survival analysis, particularly […]