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Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Zaidon Salim
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A Norwegian Ph.D. with more than ten years of experience in immunology, cancer Immunotherapy, diabetes, and animal models. I have contributed continuously in my areas of interest through research publications, presentations, and supervising student research activities.
Aims at involving in research focused on disease target identification and drug discovery aspects of lead-development, leveraging experience in immunology, and animal models. Willing to work as a key player in a challenging and creative environment. I am an enthusiastic team player and a strong believer in simplicity and honesty.
During my Ph.D. I have gained extensive experience from inducing the MS animal model (EAE) in mice and studied the effect of different treatments on that model. I have also gained extensive experience from studying the effect of pre-treatment of NK cells from (healthy or MS donors) with deferent drugs, inducing the in vitro lysis of cancer cells, DC cells, IFN-γ producing, the effects on the cells biomarker. I have also studied the effect of inflammatory lipids, such as LPS, 9-S-HODE, 9-R-HODE, 13-R-HODE inducing the in vitro chemotaxis of human NK cells, IFN-γ producing as well as the influx of intracellular Ca(2+) in NK cells. I have also identified anew subset of NK cells that generated after activation with IL-2 and expresses both IL-17 and IFN-γ. We named NK17/NK1 cells and these cells found in CSF of MS patients without activation with IL-2.
Based on that, I have investigated the effect of pretreatment with DMF and MMF on NK92 cell kill and migration towards target colorectal cancer cells (HCT116) and the expression of the chemokines in vitro.
I was also a lab manager at the Research Institute of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Sharjah, my responsibilities were to establishment of laboratories, manage and develop research, establish research budgets, secure external funding, research design and collection, analysis, reporting data, Articles writing and publishing as well as teaching the laboratory techniques to the postgraduate and undergraduate student.
My last work was at the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research at Haukeland universitetssjukehus, focus on study the consequences related to the transplanting of alginate encapsulated hIPSC derived beta-like cells in living hosts and their insulin-producing in vivo and in vitro. In that study, I have induced diabetes in transgenic mouse line NOD.Cg-PrkdcscidIl2rgtm1Wjl Tg (Ins2-HBEGF), and studied the transplanting effect of alginate encapsulated hIPSC derived beta-like cells, ability to reverse diabetes and insulin-producing. I have also the knowledge to develop other animal models such as the asthma animal model, Ectopic and Orthotopic cancer mouse models such as (breast, bladder, brain, pancreas, and bone cancer animal models). Surgery (alginate encapsulated iPSC derived beta-like cells transplantation), injection and treatment, clinical examination and dissection, blood collection, tissue isolation such as spleen, pancreas, liver, thymus, bone marrow, brain, spinal cord and genotyping, etc.
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