Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Zaidon Salim
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Dear sir/madam

To join your research team, please find attached my resume.
I am a creative Norwegian immunologist scientist, curious about improving the life of cancer patients, self-driven and loyal person seeking long time employment.

I have numerous skills, qualities and experience including:
- Over 12 years of experience in immunology, NK cells, DC, T cells, stem cells and cancer cell isolation, culture, proliferation, and differentiation.
- Over 10 years of experience in developing animal models, treatment, surgery, dissection and blood/ organ/ cell harvesting.
- In vitro and in vivo experience studying the effect of pretreatment on immune cells lysis to cancer cells, in particular NK cells, T cells and DC cells.
- Master in immunological assays such as cell cytotoxicity, FACS, ELISA, and Chemotaxis.
- Expert in molecular biology techniques such as proteomics, agarose gel electrophoresis, PCR, RNA/DNA extraction and more lab techniques, please look to my resume.

Additionally, I am a fast learner, have excellent problem-solving skills, and can handle a significant workload. I will immediately deliver value to your team and will always work effectively as part of a team. I am diligent, so I always work with minimal supervision and will work quickly and accurately. Furthermore, I am an expert in research design, ethical applications, SOP writing, collection, analysis, and reporting data.

My previous research was focused on identifying the mechanisms of action of the drug in autoimmune diseases such as MS, as well as cancer, founding a link between drug effect on NK cell and neurodegenerative diseases in vitro and in vivo, founding a link between drug effect on NK cell migrating and killing activity to cancer in vitro, founding a link between DNA repair defects and diabetes in vitro and in vivo, developing a new treatment strategy to improve the role of immune cells in cancer therapy as well as autoimmune diseases.

In that prospect I have developed MS, cancer and diabetes animal models, studied the effect of pretreatment with different drugs on NK cells in disease, I have also investigated the effect of pretreatment with DMF and MMF on NK92 cell kill and migration towards target colorectal cancer and the expression of the chemokines. I have also identified in 2010 a new subset of NK cells named NK17/NK1 cells.

Successfully generated hIPSC derived beta-like cells from fibroblast of MODY-3 (NHF1α mutation) patient, encapsulating with alginate and implanted in the abdominal cavity of diabetic induced mice.
My motivation is that I believe that I can make a long lasting, positive impact in this organization and can get trening in CAR-NK cell and CAR-T cell.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Zaidon Salim

Telephone: 004790233966
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