Podcast host Silvija Seres and General Manager of Oslo Cancer Cluster Ketil Widerberg comparing nerdy glasses.

The Future Norway: Ketil Widerberg on Tech and Cancer

Our General Manager Ketil Widerberg visited the podcast People creating the future Norway (De som bygger det nye Norge) hosted by Silvija Seres and Oslo Business Forum. Ketil and Silvija discussed important issues like: Is it possible to make cancer a chronic disease? And how do you really create medicine that is tailored for each […]

Simone Mester is 25 and already well on her way as a researcher. Her we see her working in her lab. Photo: Elisabeth Kirkeng Andersen.

Enjoying a Meteoric Career as a Researcher

Former Ullern upper secondary school student Simone Mester is enjoying a meteoric career as a researcher. Her research is aimed at making cancer drugs more efficient by getting them to stay longer in the body. But how did she end up here, and what advice does she have for upper secondary school students who are […]

Agnete B. fredriksen in front of an illustration of Vaccibody's cancer vaccine technology. Image: Espen Haakstad/OCC.

Creating One Cancer Vaccine Per Patient

Oslo Cancer Cluster member Vaccibody is making headway with their cancer vaccine technology. Now they are ready with clinical trials involving 40 patients in Germany, the first patient is already enrolled.   Neoantigens Reveals Cancer Cells Cancer is famous for its ability to deceive, appearing to the immune system as normal tissue while wreaking havoc […]

The Health Industry Is On the Rise

For the third year running, Menon Economics presented a report on “The Value of the Norwegian Health Industry”. The conclusion: Both the industry and exports are growing substantially. We see an increase in export income, research and innovation levels. The report was launched at “Næringslivets Hus”, the home of NHO, and gathered a full house […]

Professor Harald Stenmark. Photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO

Receives Prestigious Grant for a Second Time

Professor Harald Stenmark is granted the European Research Council’s (ERC) Advanced Grant for his cancer research. This is the second time he receives the grant; a privilege that has only befallen two other people, professor Edvard Moser (NTNU) and professor Kenneth Hugdahl (UiB). Through the grant Stenmark’s research project “Coincidence detection of proteins and lipids […]

Hør forsker Hege G. Russnes og professor Anne Hansen Ree fortelle om forskningsprosjektet MetAction, som også har nådd forsiden av VG, og hvordan gentilpasset behandling gir et tilbud til pasienter som ikke har hatt det tidligere. Bilde: Oslo Cancer Cluster.

Bekjemper kreft med gentilpasset behandling

Gentilpasset behandling har siden begynnelsen av 2000-tallet blitt beskrevet som et av de nye, viktige våpnene som kan bekjempe kreft. Hør forsker Hege G. Russnes og professor Anne Hansen Ree, her fra Cancer Crosllinks i januar i år, fortelle om deres forskningsprosjekt MetAction, og hvordan de tar i bruk gentilpasset behandling for å gi et […]