Clinical studies

Norway has favourable conditions for attracting clinical trials, such as our unique health data and registries. However, we need to create more cooperative solutions for investing in cancer treatments and foster better collaboration between public and private actors. Therefore, we support establishing a partnership model for clinical studies in Norway.

Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park

Opinion pieces

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  • is an online portal for patients. The website includes information about the ongoing clinical studies in Norway.
  • NorCrin is the Norwegian Clinical Research Infrastructure Network
  • ECRIN-ERIC is The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network
  • Nordic Trial Alliance aims to make it easier to conduct clinical trials in the Nordic countries.
  • is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

Find out what a group of Cambridge students concluded after they analysed the Norwegian infrastructure for clinical studies.

Read what Dr Jon Amund Kyte from the Oslo University Hospital said about the national advantages of conducting clinical trials in Norway.