Patient information

Oslo Cancer Cluster’s vision is to accelerate the development of novel cancer treatments and diagnostics, to improve the lives of cancer patients.

The Oslo Cancer Cluster team does not engage directly with patient care or cancer patients. If you have any patient-related questions, please contact your General Physician or our member the Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen).

However, several of the issues we work for in Oslo Cancer Cluster are directly patient-related, such as clinical trials.

Clinical trials

Oslo Cancer Cluster would like to implement a governmental system that gives all cancer patients the right to get assessed for the inclusion to a clinical trial. We also work hard to increase the number of oncology clinical trials in Norway and the Nordic region, both investigator driven and industry driven.

Do you have questions regarding clinical trials or would like to join one?

Please contact the Clinical Cancer Research Unit at Oslo University Hospital and the Clinical Trial Unit at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. These are the two hospitals in Norway conducting clinical trials within oncology.