ICCS 2021
The 10th edition of the International Cancer Cluster Showcase was arranged as a virtual event.

Celebrating the 10th International Cancer Cluster Showcase

ICCS 2021 highlighted success stories and promising newcomers in oncology innovation.

The 10th edition of the International Cancer Cluster Showcase (ICCS) was presented this week as a satellite event to BIODigital. More than 260 representatives from the global oncology milieu signed up to learn about novel technologies and promising treatment approaches for combating cancer.

The digital event gathered oncology innovation hubs from North America and Europe for the 10th time. Since the first showcase at the Whitehead Institute in 2012, many of the previous presenters have achieved impressive milestones. Seven of these companies joined again this year and presented their success stories and learnings. They were accompanied by seven emerging companies on their way to become the success stories of tomorrow.

Jutta Heix, Head of International Affairs and Co-Initiator of ICCS, opened the event and invited the participants on a virtual journey along the North American East Coast and Europe, with stops in Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, Oxford, Oslo, Bordeaux and Lausanne.

“At each stop of the journey, we presented one success story and one newcomer giving a flavour of the innovation potential residing in our innovation hubs.” Jutta Heix

“To inspire novel collaboration and partnership opportunities, we concluded the event with a networking session. All attendees could meet the presenting companies and the organizing partners in break-out rooms for to discuss and to learn more about the local pipelines,” says Jutta Heix.

Presenting from Norway

The Norwegian travel stop featured two Oslo Cancer Cluster members: Vaccibody as success story and Zelluna Immunotherapy as newcomer. Anders Holm, Chief Operating Officer at Zelluna Immunotherapy, introduced the company’s “off-the-shelf” T-cell receptor (TCR) guided natural killer (NK) cell therapy products for the treatment of multiple solid cancers.

“Being part of the ICCS is a great opportunity to present our story and technology and it enables networking and interaction points with other participants and companies.”
Anders Holm

View Zelluna Immunotherapy’s presentation

We kindly thank the sponsors and partners BIO, DNB and Precision for Medicine for their ongoing support. A special thanks to Andrea Cotton-Berry, Global Head of Strategic Operations, EU, US and APAC at Precision For Medicine, Oncology and Rare Disease, for her welcoming note.

The recordings of all the presentations are available on the event homepage until the end of September 2021.

Contact details and short company profiles of the presenters can be found in the ICCS 2021 event guide.

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