Students experimenting in the laboratory.

The collaboration between Oslo Cancer Cluster and Ullern Upper Secondary School started in 2009. In 2015, the upper secondary school was integrated in Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park.

Since 2009, until 2018, we have had:

  • 47 partners contributing
  • 6832 students and teachers participating
  • 99 collaborative projects completed


Strategic cooperation

The collaboration has resulted in an offer for the students at Ullern to learn through internships and educational lecturers hosted by members of the Oslo Cancer Cluster – outside the textbook and the framework of a traditional classroom environment.

Attracting and developing talents of tomorrow is one of Oslo Cancer Cluster’s key strategic areasWe want to help educate tomorrow’s researchers and entrepreneurs, to give our members access to the specialist skills they need to develop cancer treatment. 

Ullern Upper Secondary School’s vision is that the students learn more from collaborations with research and business. The school wants to prepare students for the best possible work experience through practical experience.

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