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Meet the new members from 2021

Last year, we had the pleasure of welcoming 14 new members to Oslo Cancer Cluster.

In this brief overview, we are proud to introduce the new ensemble of cutting-edge cancer and science-related businesses – and a university.


Bio-Me AS has created a platform for precision microbiome profiling, which takes the vast knowledge of the microbiome to something that can be used in a clinical setting.

Daiichi-Sankyo is a global pharmaceutical company originating from Japan and with European headquarters in Germany. Daiichi-Sankyo has recently also set up a Nordic headquarter in Copenhagen with more than 20 employees.

Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) is working on an exciting initiative to bring artificial intelligence (AI) and product design services together with healthcare and nursing, so that new projects can be launched in the research world.

You can read more about our members Bio-Me AS, Daiichi-Sankyo and OsloMet in this news article from June 2021.


Alv B is developing new immune therapy for solid cancers in cats and dogs. The new therapy will be available both as a supplement to standard treatments as well as a replacement for chemotherapy with strong side effects.

Comunin is a Norwegian start-up that provides a digital platform for smart patient monitoring and support.

Canica is a large, privately-owned investment company operating out of Norway and Switzerland, with core expertise within the fields of business development, retail, brand development and finance. It is focused on creating long-term value and employment.

Do More Diagnostics is a Norwegian start-up on a mission to transform cancer diagnostics with artificial intelligence. The goal is to improve patient care and make drug development more effective by utilizing artificial intelligence to increase the prognostic value of cancer tissue biopsies.

Glycanostics is a start-up company established in 2017 to bring its cancer diagnostics products to the EU and US markets. The company aims for early and more accurate cancer detection to prevent unnecessary biopsies and increase patient survival rate, and their product portfolio includes prostate and breast cancer non-invasive diagnostic kits and technology for glycan biomarker detection.

Hemispherian is an innovative preclinical pharmaceutical company focused on developing a novel class of small molecule drugs. These drugs target the TET2 enzyme as an epigenetic therapy for particularly aggressive cancers.

NordicRWE is a Norwegian Real-world Evidence (RWE) start-up company that has the ambition to be at the forefront of the data-driven drug development process. By tapping into the Nordic health data with its long follow-ups, incomparable completeness, and extensive linking possibilities, NordicRWE is uniquely positioned to be a key player in the forthcoming evolution of the RWE supported drug R&D.

You can read more about NordicRWE in this news article from September.


Norimun is a start-up and part of the OCC Incubator Accelerator programme. The company develops antibodies from the eggs of immunized hens. These IgY antibodies are currently used for passive immunization in aquaculture and livestock, as an alternative and supplement to the body’s own immune system.

Oncosyne is a start-up and part of the OCC Incubator Accelerator programme. The company will develop tests for the patient’s cancer cells and provide information about which treatments the patient will benefit from and which will not be of benefit.

OÜ Antegenes is an Estonian medical technology company founded in 2018. As a registered healthcare service provider of medical genetics, oncology and laboratory services in Estonia, the company uses high-tech polygenic risk score technology to assess a person’s genetic risk of developing cancer.

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You can read more about our members by visiting the Membership Overview and learn about our upcoming events in the Event Calendar

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