The newest members of our cluster, represented by Tone S. Ringstad (Culture Intelligence), Petter Risøe (Diffia), Andreas Petlund (Augere Medical), Gennady Nikitin (MipHic), and Sverre Slaastad (PharmaRelations), introduced themselves at our December Gathering in 2022. Sebastian Franco Ulloa (Expert Analytics) was also there, but not present in picture. Photo: Oslo Cancer Cluster

Meet our newest members

Get to know the latest additions to our cancer cluster a bit better!

Oslo Cancer Cluster is a member organization with a vision to accelerate the development of novel cancer diagnostics and therapies to improve patients’ lives.

We have about 100 members, spanning the whole oncology value chain. These include university hospitals, research institutions, patient organisations, companies in pharmaceutical development, biotech, technology, human resources, recruitment, legal services and more.

We are proud to announce the following companies have recently joined our cluster: Augere Medical, Culture Intelligence, Diffia, Expert Analytics, Miphic and PharmaRelations.

We asked them to introduce themselves further and below you can read what they said.

Developing AI-based decision support systems

“Augere Medical develops AI-based decision support systems for medical video examinations. Our first product is real-time support to highlight polyps during colonoscopy examinations. Such polyps have the potential to develop into cancer, and it is therefore important to uncover as many as possible during the examination.

“Augere Medical looks forward to benefit from the extensive knowledge present in the Oslo Cancer Cluster network. We also look forward to share our knowledge and experiences from developing a medical deep tech product.”

Andreas Petlund, Chief Executive Officer, Augere Medical

Optimizing the work culture with value-driven actions

“Our purpose is to radically improve how people work together. In uncertain times, working together have never been more important. We help organizations to measure, identify and optimize their culture trough values driven actions.

“Our contributions to the group (cluster) will be to use our competency around people, collaboration, and culture-capital, to drive high performance and business growth.”

Tone S. Ringstad, Founder and CEO, Cultural Intelligence

Improving the care and quality of life for cancer patients

“Diffia is a digital health company working to improve the care and quality of life for cancer patients, by helping hospitals and municipalities provide more care at home. We also provide clinicians with a seamlessly integrated experience to coordinate care better and more efficiently.

“We view Oslo Cancer Cluster as a unique organization that brings together the oncology value chain, both public and private, to drive innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing. As a member, we aim to learn from and contribute to the cluster’s efforts in enhancing the lives of people with cancer.”

Dr. Petter Risøe, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Diffia

Solving problems in technology development

“Expert Analytics is a private research company advertised as a haven for academics passionate about problem-solving. At Expert Analytics, we offer consultancy services to assist the development of technologies in the biomedical sector through data analytics, pipeline automation, and fundamental research.

“Our scientists have diverse scientific backgrounds covering molecular biology, neuroscience, and nuclear physics and are ready to apply their knowledge to novel solutions for complex problems.”

Sebastian Franco Ulloa, Ph.D. Principal Data Analyst, Biotechnology Division, Expert Analytics

Delivering mitochondrial testing for cancer patients

“Mitochondria produce essentially all the energy that our bodies need to live. Despite that we still don’t have the technology to test mitochondrial function in clinics. Miphic is a solution for that. Mitochondria in cancer cells are very different in comparison to healthy cells. Miphic has the first-ever proof-of-concept that mitochondria of a cancer patient can be easily tested, and that this information can be used for personalized anti-cancer therapy.

“Miphic has a revolutionary technology that will allow to test mitochondria in clinics. Working together with the many partners from Oslo Cancer Cluster, we will tune and diversify our platform for the exact clinical needs of various cancer treatments. Miphic wants to learn the requirements of pharma partners and clinical personnel to deliver a streamlined and cost-effective mitochondrial screening for real world cancer patients.”

Gennady Nikitin, PhD, founder and CEO, Miphic

Delivering the best candidates in Nordic life science

“PharmaRelations is a full service partner for the Life Science industry. We support Nordic Life Science through all phases of development. We deliver the best candidates within recruitment and interim solutions. We have more than 70 years experience from different Life Science companies from all sectors commercial, medical, regulatory, QA, PV. Call me for an non-binding conversation.”

Sverre Slaastad, Country Manager Norway, PharmaRelations



Please visit the Membership Overview to see all members of Oslo Cancer Cluster.

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