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Meet our new members

Say hello to the four new members that have joined our cluster organisation this year.

Oslo Cancer Cluster works to accelerate the development of novel cancer diagnostics and treatments, to improve patients lives.

Our member base comprises university hospitals, research centres, patient organisations, start-ups and biotech companies, global pharma and technology companies, investors, financial institutions as well as service providers – all working in the cancer field. Jointly, they cover the entire oncology value chain, from exploratory research to delivering novel therapeutics and diagnostics to patients worldwide.

This week, we talked to the four newest members about what they do and why they joined our cancer eco-system.


Nadeno – improving cancer treatments

Yrr Mørch, CTO and Co-founder, and Annbjørg Falck, CEO and Co-founder, Nadeno.

“NaDeNo is developing a vehicle for delivery of ‘hard to deliver’ drugs with great potential for improved cancer treatment. We are focused on developing new treatment solutions for patients with ‘hard to treat cancers’ and we aim to deliver effective drugs of low water solubility safely to the cancer cells by using our nanoparticle technology.

“Oslo Cancer Cluster offers a highly valuable international network for Norwegian biotech companies within the oncology space, and we see the OCC as a trusted partner that can help us progress our development.”

Annbjørg Falck, CEO and Co-founder, Nadeno


Hjernesvulstforeningen – advocating for patients

Rolf J. Ledal, Secretary general, The Norwegian Brain Tumour Association

“Hjernesvulstforeningen, The Norwegian Brain Tumour Association, is a patient advocacy organisation covering all the different diagnosis of brain tumours. We are involved in research as well as peer to peer support, learning patients and their families cognitive strategies for living well with such an disease and political lobbying for longer and better lives.

“Our motivation for being a member of Oslo Cancer Cluster is to connect with a broader variety of companies and research facilities who together will be able to make new discoveries within treatment options. We have the patient experts that the research community need to cooperate with to solve the many puzzles that still is unsolved. Brain cancer is on the top of diagnosis with poor outcome, together we are going to change that.”

Rolf J. Ledal, Secretary general, The Norwegian Brain Tumour Association


Node Pharma – developing radiopharmaceuticals

Tor Espen Stav-Noraas, CEO and founder of Node Pharma.

“Node Pharma is developing radiopharmaceuticals for metastatic cancer patients with limited treatment options. Our targeted drug compound is designed to eradicate tumors without damaging healthy tissue. This will save patients and improve quality of life after treatment.

“Oslo Cancer Cluster will bring important expertise, connections and enable us to accelerate our drug development.”

Tor Espen Stav-Noraas, CEO and founder, Node Pharma


Marigold Innovation – founding life science companies

Peter Horn, founder and CEO, Marigold Innovation

“One way Marigold Innovation can contribute is through our new approach to founding life science companies. We are co-founders, not advisors or consultants. We engage with researchers and innovators as early as possible to ensure everything is in place before company formation –  and then co-found the companies together with them.

“We’re originally from Denmark, but we think Nordic. We have founded companies in Sweden and our many connections here made Norway the obvious next step. The OCC community looks like a perfect match for a home in Norway.”

Nicholas Hawtin, Partner, Marigold Innovation

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