BIO Europe Spring: Oslo Cancer Cluster co-hosted event on drug development

Event Details

Phase I: An inflection point in drug development and value generation

Venue: Level 0, Room E4

An increasing number of “open innovation” initiatives aim to bring novel therapeutics to patients faster by facilitating public private partnerships, to solve common challenges encountered during the discovery and the drug development process.

Disruptive anticancer therapies increasingly come from small startups and biotechs. Phase I units in academic institutions have an active role to advance these innovations into the clinic. Biotech companies benefit from collaborating with Phase I experts well before Phase I trials will be initiated. Accessing this clinical expertise early on can significantly accelerate the development of disruptive innovations and increase the chance of success. Global pharmaceutical companies and investors play a major role in advancing novel therapies to patients. They partner both with biotechs as well as with academic centers, contributing their expertise in drug development and financial support.

In the first part of the session flagship academic institutions in Europe will show how they play the game, and how they can support small biotech companies in their drug development efforts. In the second part executives from biotech, pharma and the investment side will discuss the relevance and added value generated via Phase I clinical development and illustrate with case studies and examples for win-win partnerships.


Mark Nuttall – VP, Business Development and Licensing, Neuroscience, Janssen Business Development



Jean-Pierre Armand – Senior Oncologist, Expert in Phase I/II, Gustave Roussy Institute
Jeffrey Yachnin – Clinical Trials Unit, Department of Oncology, Karolinska University Hospital


Martin Bonde – CEO, Vaccibody
Johan Christenson – Partner, HealthCap
Dominique Costantini – CEO, OSE Pharma
Loïc Vincent – Head, Oncology External Innovation, Sanofi

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