Oslo Cancer Cluster December Gathering & Introduction of New Members

Event Details

You are invited to join the December Gathering & Introduction of New Members 2021 – A Digital Event. Each year, Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC) gathers fellow stakeholders from OCC Innovation Park, colleagues from the oncology community, and members for an annual year-in-review and opportunity to network. 

There will be an option to join on-site at Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park for afternoon coffee (pending COVID-19 guidelines).


  • Welcome, Charlotte Homme, Head of Membership & Events, Oslo Cancer Cluster
  • Year-in-Review, Ketil Widerberg, General Manager, Oslo Cancer Cluster
  • Introduction of New Members 2021 (by member and/or OCC)
    • Alv B AS (Confirmed)
    • Bio-Me As (Confirmed)
    • DoMore Diagnostics AS (Confirmed)
    • Nanostring Technologies Europe Limited (Confirmed)
    • Antegenes (Confirmed)
  • A Perspective (Guest Speaker)
  • Planning 2022, An Update
    • An Introduction to CellFit (Oslo University Hospital, SINTEF, Thermo Fisher)
    • Event Hightlights 2022

Agenda may be adapted.

New Members:

Note regarding registration:

Please register below to join the Digital Event (December 15, 2021, 2-3pm).  Once registered, early December, you will receive an email containing a link to join the digital event and information about an On-Site Afternoon Coffee (December 15, 2021, starting 3pm) at Oslo Cancer Cluster, Ullernchaussen 64, Red Building, 4th floor.  For those who would like to attend “both”, you are welcome to join the Digital Event from the Red Building, 4th floor reception.

An overview of OCC members may be found at:  https://oslocancercluster.no/member-overview/


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