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International Cancer Cluster Showcase (ICCS) 2021

You are invited to join the 10th International Cancer Cluster Showcase (ICCS 2021)

ICCS 2021 is a milestone event marking the 10th edition of cancer cluster showcase excellence.  In recognition of this occasion, special features will include success stories from past ICCS presenters.  Learn about their journeys and plans moving forward.

New and emerging oncology companies from innovation hubs in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Norway, Switzerland, and France will present their technologies and partnering opportunities.

This live digital event will give attendees the opportunity to meet the presenters in break-out rooms, to connect, and join engaging discussions with cancer cluster showcase stakeholders from around the world.

About ICCS and BIO. Since 2013, 200+ representatives from the international oncology community have joined and actively participated at ICCS each year.  ICCS is a satellite event to BIO where partners from Massachusetts, Quebec, Philadelphia, Norway, UK Golden Triangle, Switzerland, and France team up to highlight recent innovations from their regions.

More information? Please visit the official ICCS website [1] or download the invitation in PDF here: ICCS 2021 – virtual edition [2].

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