Nature Café on T Cell Immunotherapy

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Nature Research and Oslo Cancer Cluster invite you to a special seminar in the Nature Café series on T Cell Immunotherapy: Advances, challenges and future directions. 

Welcome to an interesting afternoon in Oslo 2 December! We will dive into a discussion of ongoing advances and challenges in T Cell Immunotherapy.

Leading researchers in T cell immunotherapy will share recent insights from their own research, and address ongoing challenges in the development and delivery of TCR-engineered T cells and CAR T cells.

Topics for discussion will include prevention of relapse in hematological malignancies, minimization of post-treatment toxicities, tumor antigen identification and strategies to improve T cell targeting of solid tumors.

Our panelists include:

Attilio Bondanza, Program Leader Novartis

Aude Chapuis, Program in Immunology Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Sara Ghorashian, Developmental Biology and Cancer Programme, University College London

Sara Mastaglio, Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit, San Raffaele Scientific Institute

Moderator: Saheli Sadanand, Associate Editor Nature Medicine


This seminar is free to attend. It is intended for cancer research professionals and clinicians, but might also be interesting for others interested in the latest immunotherapy topics.

CAR T cell therapy: Chimeric antigen receptor T cells are produced by isolating specific cells of the immune system (T cells) from a cancer patient and modifying them so that they become more effective at recognizing and killing cancer cells.


To see a detailed programme and sign up for his seminar, please go to the official Nature Eventbrite website.


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Novartis Oncology

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Thermo FIsher Scientific


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