Virtual Event: What Does it Take to Impact Innovation?

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What Does it Take to Impact Innovation?

Join this Oslo Cancer Cluster virtual event presented during Oslo Innovation Week (September 2020) and hear from stakeholders who inspire innovation, protect innovation and provide the necessary tools for innovation.

What does it take to inspire innovation?  Access to education is an important foundation that fosters the tradition of discovery. How are the researchers of tomorrow being prepared to embrace and fuel innovation in Norway and beyond its borders?

What does it take to protect innovation?  The process of discovery is a driving factor for innovation. Once an idea takes root, how can it materialize adequately protected? Hear from a panel of experts as they share insight about navigating this complex legal landscape.

What are the necessary tools for innovation?  Infrastructure planning and a commitment to providing an arena which champions innovation is a motivating factor for propelling success. Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park serves as a leading center for cancer treatments while providing a dynamic environment to support innovation. Hear perspectives from the stakeholders who are a part of this vibrant ecosystem.

This event was presented as a part of Oslo Cancer Cluster’s commitment to support Oslo Innovation Week (September 2020), and will be available to view until November 1, 2020.

Access the virtual event HERE.

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