Taconic – Advanced Preclinical Models for Immuno-Oncology and Infectious Disease

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Discover the power and application of the worlds most advanced mouse models developed specifically to answer the challenges faced by researchers in Oncology, Immuno-Oncology and Infectious Disease.

Attend an event in this European Symposia series at a location closest to you and empower your research with the latest scientific insight from industry leading scientists from Taconic Biosciences and world-renowned research organizations.
Presenting cutting edge research results as well as detailed methodologies to generate models with more translational outcomes, this feature-rich program will highlight human immune system engrafted NOG mice and their use to accelerate efficacy and safety testing of novel therapies.

Attend this complimentary event and learn more about the most predictive and relevant models currently available.
Presentation topics will include:

  • How human immune system mice are generated and applied in drug discovery in the areas of oncology, immunology and infectious disease
  • The engraftment procedure, donor-to-donor variability and immune cell lineage commitment in human immune system engrafted mice
  • Experimental use of mice co-engrafted with a human immune system and patient-derived xenografts (PDX) for evaluation of immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • How next generation NOG models enable immuno-oncology applications involving human cell types such as myeloid cells and NK cells

The latest advances in utilizing immune deficient mouse strains to reduce overall animal usage and save time and money
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