1. About the Cluster
Oslo Cancer Cluster is a research-based industry cluster that brings together enterprises, organisations, academic and research institutions in the field of life sciences and converging industries such as ICT to accelerate the development of cancer diagnosis and treatment. This is achieved by wide dissemination of research and innovation outcomes to the public, including global public and private collaboration partners and oncology community, through education, meetings and interactions with various media channels.

The members of Oslo Cancer Cluster will perform research and development to establish new knowledge and generate novel products and services including innovative solutions between research and business entities. Oslo Cancer Cluster will contribute with competence to support its members at all innovation phases, from early stage development and until commercialization. If so desired by a member, Oslo Cancer Cluster may undertake management of the intellectual property rights, including development, filing and maintenance activities relating to patents, negotiate and enter into agreements with development and commercial partners, engage and coordinate professional advisors, etc.

2. Membership
The Member is hereby granted membership in the Cluster with effect from […]

3. Compensation
The membership dues, including the membership fee and the purchase of services, are stipulated by the general assembly. VAT will be added for services liable to VAT. Compensation shall be paid within 14 days after the invoice has been received.

4. The rights of members 
Membership of the Cluster entitles the Member to make use of the services that the Cluster provides, see Appendix 1 to this agreement.

The Cluster is free to adapt the range of services to suit its members’ needs. Members are encouraged to give the Cluster input on a continuous basis about how the Cluster’s provision of services under the membership agreement can be adapted and improved.

5. Breach of contract
Members that are in default of their obligations pursuant to Clause 3 shall lose the right to receive services from the Cluster under this agreement. The board of directors can also exclude members that are in default of their payment obligation pursuant to this agreement, see Article 13 of the statutes.

6. Termination of membership
The membership will run until it is terminated. Such termination must be made in writing by 30 October, and will take effect from the following year.

7. Legal venue
Attempts shall be made to resolve any dispute arising from this Agreement amicably. Oslo District Court shall be the legal venue.

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