Breast Cancer: The Triple Negative Paradox

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Triple-negative breast cancer (sometimes abbreviated TNBC) refers to any breast cancer that does not express the genes for estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) and Her2/neu. This makes it more difficult to treat since most hormone therapies target one of the three receptors, so triple-negative cancers often require combination therapies.

The symposium will focus on drug discovery, biomarkers and treatment aspects of TNBC. Participants will gain a broad exposure to the fundamental mechanisms driving TNBC through presentations from three speakers discussing the recent advances in this cancer subtype. The Networking session at the end of the symposium will focus on Horizon 2020 funding opportunities for both academia and industry in the field of cancer and personalised medicine.



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Draft Agenda 

09:00–09:15 Registration and Light Refreshments
09:15–09:30 Welcome and Introduction
09:30–10:10 Development of Small Molecule Anti-Metastatic Agents for Potential Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Prof. Andrew Westwell, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

10:10–10:50 New Prognostic Biomarkers for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Prof. Emiel Janssen, Stavanger University Hospital, Norway 

10:50–11:30 Glyco-TROLL – Innovative treatment for (highly) glycolytic cancers

Dr. Claudia Bøen, Arctic Pharma AS, Norway

11:30–12:30 Networking Session: Horizon 2020 – Cancer and Personalised Medicine

Dr. Gupta Udatha, Oslo Cancer Cluster

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